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Incubus Photos

Share your pictures!

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All Members , Moderated


Mike Einziger, DJ Chris Kilmore, Brandon Boyd, Ben Kenney and Jose Pasillas II

Welcome to the NEW Incubus Photos community!

Community Rules:
(Please read rules before joining/posting.)

- Posts that contain photos exceeding sizes of 500x500 should be put behind an LJ-cut tag. You will be reminded and have 24 hours to change the post, otherwise it will be deleted.
- If you are posting artwork, or wallpaper, basically anything that is significantly larger than 500x500, please place a link for members to click on. Do not post the image itself.
Reminder for LJ-cut: <*lj-cut text*="Write whatever you want to show as the link"> Place your photo(s) here. <*/lj-cut*> (Remove the "*" when you use an LJ-cut. They're only for demonstration purposes.)
- I ask that posts with several pictures also be put behind an LJ-tag so no one has a friends page flooded with large photos.
- As a protection of copyright, if you did indeed take the photos you post, consider placing your name [or contact info] at one of the image's bottom corners. This is not mandatory, only a suggestion.
- Do not steal photographs and claim them as your own. Someone will notice, and if I find out that you have stolen [and did not give credit to the author] you will be given a warning. On your second warning, you will be temporarily prevented from posting. If a third warning is necessary, consider yourself banned immediately.
- If you would like to promote your Incubus community, please run it by me first. Usually I will not mind, but this is not community_promo. Go there if you wish to promote your non-Incubus related community.
- Any questions regarding joining or posting in the community? Check out the LiveJournal FAQ. Community-specific questions or comments can be directed to me.
- If anyone chooses to use this community as a forum to harass others, they will be banned (i.e., Flame wars will not be tolerated). Also, think before you post a comment; Don't delete them. If you feel harassed by another member, or encounter a member being harassed, please report it to me, your moderator, ASAP.
- Obviously, if it's against the Livejournal Terms of Service (TOS), it's not welcome here either.
- Any post, comment or member that does not abide by the rules of this community can [and will] be removed at my discretion.
- And the most important rule of all: Have fun!

E-mail me if you have any questions.


Check out incubusumbrella, Incubus Photo's sister community. :D